Adult Education

Adult Education Programs

  • Gateway To College
    - For young adults ages 16-24 who have dropped out of high school or are significantly behind in credits for their age and not on track to graduate.
  • GED/ABE Preparation/Literacy Skills Enhancement Program
    - Program is an alternative to the traditional GED program.
  • Computer Repair Training/A+ Certification Program
    - Prepares participants for work as computer repair technicians.
  • WorkKeys Service Center
    - Job analysis profile, skill assessment, and instruction services.

Adult Career Pathways

Providing low- to middle-skilled individuals, ages 18 and older, training and credentials to enter and advance in targeted career pathways.

Online Course Options

Workforce Training

Corporate Services

Providing group training for your current workforce.

Employment Services

Support Services for Community Job Seekers.

Short Term Training Programs

Clock Hour Certificate Programs

Workforce Promise

The Workforce Promise prepares students to showcase the skills they developed at MCC that employers say are essential for all new employees. These skills go beyond the technical skills and include the career readiness skills necessary to succeed in any career.

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